Saturday, June 18, 2011


We went to California this year with the cloggers again

Bugs Land

One of the days Dan had to stay for a little while at the hotel and write a paper for his class and I left Kaysha with him to take a nap while Revin and I went and enjoyed California Adventure. It was fun with just Revin and I. He volunteered to be a soldier with the Toy story sodiers, we went and saw the playhouse disney show, and found a few characters a long the way.

Revin with the Toy Story soldiers

Playhouse Disney Show

Brentlee and Revin

That night my Mom and Dan let Kaysha hang out and fall asleep in their room and Dan and I took Revin to the World of Color show. Revin fell asleep in the stroller before it even started, but Dan and I had a great time, it was really cool to watch!

The next day we spent the day at Disneyland going on rides with our kids. It was fun this year because Revin was tall enough for pretty much every ride. Even my personal favorite Space Mountain... he went once with Dan and once with me.

Lightning Mcqueen and Mator would have to be the highlight of Revin's trip. He is so obsessed! We were way sad Cars Land wasn't open yet, not until next year. He is so excited about cars 2 coming out that we will have to be the first in line!

The place we stay at when we go to California is right across the street from Disneyland, so we can walk back and forth easily. The kids love just swimming in the pool there too. I was glad that they had so many cousins to play with, it kept them both entertained.

We also went to and Angels game. We had really good seats and it was fun to watch live. It was so great to have my Mom and Dan's mom there. Kaysha refused to go to me pretty much the whole trip because she had so many other fun people there :)

We spent one of our afternoons at the beach. I love the beach! It is so great just to lay and relax while my kids play. It was overcast, but we still got a little burnt. My kids love playing in the sand and wandering around.

This is Revin and his friend Chelsea. Chelsea is my cousin Levi's little girl. They were best of friends on this trip, holding hands wherever they went. They love each other, too bad they are related :)


Stacia said...

I"M SO JEALOUS!!!! I wish we could go with everyone! That's what makes things so fun is having everyone there with you! I can't believe you can do space mountain! It makes me so sick i could die... I'm sure you're not shocked! Anyway your kids are cute and I totally miss them. They probably have no idea who we are. :(

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