Saturday, June 18, 2011


We went to California this year with the cloggers again

Bugs Land

One of the days Dan had to stay for a little while at the hotel and write a paper for his class and I left Kaysha with him to take a nap while Revin and I went and enjoyed California Adventure. It was fun with just Revin and I. He volunteered to be a soldier with the Toy story sodiers, we went and saw the playhouse disney show, and found a few characters a long the way.

Revin with the Toy Story soldiers

Playhouse Disney Show

Brentlee and Revin

That night my Mom and Dan let Kaysha hang out and fall asleep in their room and Dan and I took Revin to the World of Color show. Revin fell asleep in the stroller before it even started, but Dan and I had a great time, it was really cool to watch!

The next day we spent the day at Disneyland going on rides with our kids. It was fun this year because Revin was tall enough for pretty much every ride. Even my personal favorite Space Mountain... he went once with Dan and once with me.

Lightning Mcqueen and Mator would have to be the highlight of Revin's trip. He is so obsessed! We were way sad Cars Land wasn't open yet, not until next year. He is so excited about cars 2 coming out that we will have to be the first in line!

The place we stay at when we go to California is right across the street from Disneyland, so we can walk back and forth easily. The kids love just swimming in the pool there too. I was glad that they had so many cousins to play with, it kept them both entertained.

We also went to and Angels game. We had really good seats and it was fun to watch live. It was so great to have my Mom and Dan's mom there. Kaysha refused to go to me pretty much the whole trip because she had so many other fun people there :)

We spent one of our afternoons at the beach. I love the beach! It is so great just to lay and relax while my kids play. It was overcast, but we still got a little burnt. My kids love playing in the sand and wandering around.

This is Revin and his friend Chelsea. Chelsea is my cousin Levi's little girl. They were best of friends on this trip, holding hands wherever they went. They love each other, too bad they are related :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


For Easter this year we took a little family trip to Lake Powell. We never know what either one of our families are going to do, so we just decided to plan a trip ourselves. We stayed in a hotel in Page and just took it easy for a few days. Dan took us out on his little fishing boat and dropped us off on a sandy beach while he fished for a while. The kids loved it and enjoyed the sunshine... infact I enjoyed it a little too much and my shoulders payed for it

This month was also my birthday. I am 27 now, which feels a little older than the other ones for some reason. We also finished up with the year of dance. On my birthday I taught dance in Cedar from 3-5 and then had the Parowan dance recital from 6-8. So it was a busy day, still good though. On friday I had a solo competition that I went to that all of my solo girls competed in and then on Saturday I had team competition. Then this Tuesday I just had my first Cedar dance recital. So I have been one busy lady, but it all turned out really great. Here is a picture of all the cute girls that I taught solos and duets to. Six of them took queen! It was like a Sunshine Dance sweep :)

This is a picture of us at awards with some of our dancers. They did so great! I was proud of them. We did 13 dances and got 13 Superiors :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March & Family pictures

March came and went so fast it is crazy! We are excited for the warm weather to get here and to be able to play in our backyard that Dan did for us last year. On the nice days Revin spends all day in his sandbox or riding his tractor, and Kaysha usually is eating the sand or wandering out in the road. (Good thing no one but us lives on our street) :) Kaysha skipped the walking part and is running all over the place. Her favorite thing to do is run outside. She loves the outdoors. She is always telling me "side" which means that she wants to go outside. Revin is an awesome big brother and they play so good out there together. I am so thankful to have a couple of back doors to our backyard, because our old house didn't have that. We are so much happier here! Revin is still loving preschool and he is getting so so smart. He knows all of his letters and what sounds they make. He has really learned a lot this year. Kaysha just started nursery and so far she has loved it. She was good as gold (we will see how long that lasts). She can be quite the dramatic one, if something doesn't go her way watch out! She loves putting on necklaces or things that are "pretty". She is always carrying around a baby doll wrapped up in a baby blanket and kissing it and loving on it. She is such a girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Revin's Birthday

Revin turned 4 on February 24th. It is really crazy to me to think that I already have a four year old. He is getting so big and so smart! He got to celebrate his day by having a birthday party with his friends and cousins at the new aquatic center. I think it was the best day of his life! He had so much fun swimming with all of his friends there. Every present he got he was like "Wow" or "that's awesome!" He is a pretty sweet kid. He got a leapster from Dan and I and he could play that thing all day, he loves it! He also got a bunch of puzzles which is great because puzzles are his favorite thing to do. It is funny because I swear I didn't have any puzzles when I was a kid. I think my Mom was an anti-puzzle person, which I can understand because they are kind of a pain to keep track of all the pieces. Anyways, he had a great 4th birthday, and when he went to bed that night he said "Mom, can it be my birthday tomorrow too?"

Saturday, February 5, 2011


January has been pretty busy and cold for us! Right now I am teaching dance three times a week with solos and duets, and we have been doing quite a few performances. I have also been going almost every weekend to drill team competitions to watch my niece Haley, and just get new ideas. My kids are keeping me busy too! We are still working with Kaysha on walking. She just refuses to do it. She would rather just crawl about. I wasn't ever too worried about it until now because she is almost 17 months. Hopefully she will soon! Anyways, with all of the cold there was one nice day in January and it was President's day so Dan had it off work. We packed up the kids and went to Quail. Kaysha and Revin just played in the sand and had a great time. Dan caught a few fish and let Revin reel them in. I just enjoyed all the vitamin D I could get :) Cedar City also got a new aquatic center that opened this month. I am so excited for my kids to be able to go there. It isn't too far from our house. I was sad I didn't get any pictures because Revin had a ball! The last weekend in January was my parents 29th Anniversary so we went to St. George to celebrate. My Mom was working at the temple that day, so Dan and I, Jamie, Joey and my Dad met her there and went through a session. We don't get down there as often as we should, so it was really nice to have an excuse to go. Afterwards some more family met us and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. That pretty much sums up our January.

Friday, January 14, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year. It gets a little more fun each year as our kids get older. For Christmas Eve we went to my Mom's and went caroling and then had dinner and opened our PJ's. You will notice in the pictures that Kaysha has one eye that is slightly smaller and more swollen than the other, that is because she feel off of our counter and landed on her head giving her a big bump on her forehead and a black eye. Poor girl. I was super nervous because she cried for like one minute then fell directly asleep, but she is ok. Revin got his "Big Green Tractor" that he has been singing about and Kaysha was in love with her baby that she can put to bed. Dan got me an awesome picture of the St. George temple from Tai Pan. I love it!